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Mission to Seafarers

Prolonged separation from loved ones is one of the most significant challenges a seafarer will face. Around the world, The Mission to Seafarers provides refuge for those seeking help during their time at sea and in port. The Marine Club supports Mission to Seafarers offices throughout the sailing regions we encompass. Our chaplains, volunteers, port staff and others throughout the industry lend time and resource to ensuring sailors have a place to seek help for medical, spiritual and other challenges. The local Missions are accessible to all sailors while in port. The Mission to Seafarers was founded in 1856 and is entirely funded by voluntary donations from industry. It is our mission at the Marine Club to ensure we support sustainability of these critical services. The Mission to Seafarers Southern Ontario cares for seafarers who arrive in the ports of Hamilton, Toronto and Oshawa, Ontario. Southern Ontario is an important shipping hub and hundreds of ships visit our ports annually.

In 2013, the Missions to Seafarers of Toronto, Hamilton and Oshawa joined together to better serve the needs of hundreds of seafarers working in the Great Lakes. We are grateful to the seafaring community who deliver to our doors 90% of the goods of the world; from the spoon full of sugar that makes the medicine go down … to the cars we drive to work. Those who work the freighters face danger, isolation, loneliness and often many months far away from home. We serve as their home away from home providing a safe and welcoming space that offers friendship, spiritual support, a hot meal and a cold drink, a place to call family and friends, connect through internet access, unwind with a movie or shoot a game of pool. We help people connect to medical services, deal with unfair working conditions, unburden to a sympathetic ear or enjoy the limited time they have on leave. More on the Mission to Seafarers in this clip from CBC:

Home Away From Home

The Mission to Seafarers Southern Ontario

Toronto Brigantine

Toronto Brigantine Inc. operates two brigantines, the sail-training vessels Pathfinder and Playfair. They were both designed and built as sail training vessels for TBI by Francis A. McLachlan in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Pathfinder and Playfair were launched in 1963 and 1974 respectively, TS Playfair being christened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Good Works Program

Scheduled events held throughout the year help to provide the Marine Club with the funds to ensure charities within the industry receive needed donation.

Your participation in events helps! Visit the Events page to view the full annual calendar. “One Organization providing many ways to give back to the marine industry.

Each year the Marine Club provides funding totaling over $55,000 to marine associated charities. These funds help many organizations and initiatives,
such as:


Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps:

  • RCSCC Illustrious
  • RCSCC Haida
  • RCSCC Mt.Batten
  • RCSCC Falkland
  • RCSCC Whitby
  • RCSCC Triumph
  • RCSCC Windsor

Mission to Seafarers:

  • Southern Ontario
  • Southern Ontario Event
  • Sarnia (St. Clair)
  • Thunder Bay
  • Windsor


  • Scarborough Sea Cadets #176
  • Toronto Brigantine
  • Sponsor – Women in Shipping Event (4 Students)
  • Ship Tour (Bus & Meal)

Georgian College:

  • Engineering Cadet – 1st Year
  • Engineering Cadet – 2nd Year
  • Navigation Cadet – 1st Year
  • Navigation Cadet – 2nd Year
  • Navigation Cadet – 3rd Year
  • Engineering Cadet – 1st Year
  • Engineering Cadet – 2nd Year
  • Marine Engineering Management

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