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Shane Watson

Shane Watson

2018 Cadet of the Year

MARINE CLUB GOLD MEDAL: The Board of Directors of the Marine Club, acting on the recommendation of the Navy League of Canada, Ontario Division, have awarded the Central Region Sea Cadet of the Year – 2018 to Shane Watson The Cadet of the Year is selected annually by the Navy League of Canada and the Department of National Defense. We salute Shane Watson for achieving this honour for him and his Corps.gs. A small Bursary goes with the Medal.


Marine Navigation Cadets

Third Year:
Dakota Birkenheier, Scarborough, Ontario
Co-op Employer: Algoma Central Corporation

Second Year:
 Thomas Monsma, Bomanville, Ontario
Co-op Employer: Canada Steamship Lines

First Year:
Matthew Merrifield

Marine engineering Cadets

Second Year:
Mirko Balog, Guelph, Ontario
Employer: Algoma Central Corporation

First Year:
Trevor Droog

Marine Engineering Management Student

Dwane Valenzo, Owen Sound, Ontario
Co-op Employer: McAsphalt Marine Transportation

Navel Association of Canada Award

Awarded to a Georgian College Navigation Cadet.
Yevgeny Belgradov, Quebec
Co-Op Employer: Algoma Central Corporation

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