Individual Membership

Any individual active in the marine industry or related services field or activity is eligible for membership in The Marine Club. We encourage individuals to become members to realize all the benefits associated with the Club. Membership is on an annual basis and renewed each year commencing April 1.


The Annual Membership Fee is $75.00. Payment in this amount must accompany the Application for Membership.

Resignations must be received by the Secretary before April 1st.  On that date another year’s membership fee is due and payable.

Membership Benefits

  • Inclusion in the Membership Directory listing annually
  • Access to the Membership Directory listing
  • The ability to attend all events and activities (individual registration cost applies for each) of the Club
  • The ability to bring guests to all events and activities

For further information on membership please contact:

Marine Club Corporate Membership Program

The Marine Club continues to work within and promote the marine industry and as with any club is evolving to meet the needs of our membership. Part of this process is to expand the distribution list of people we are in contact with to encourage participation in many of our events. Along with this we are building and strengthening our featured event, the Annual Dinner.

Our Marine Club website is in the process of being updated which will allow us to increase the visibility of our corporate members along with events to foster the Marine Club objectives which are:

  • Promotion of the marine industry on the Great Lakes
  • Promotion of cooperation and fellowship amongst its members
  • Holding of social events for its members and friends
  • To further the knowledge of the industry amongst its members and the public at large
  • To further enhance our scholarship and good works programs
  • Effective April 1, 2016, the Marine Club will be to offering a Corporate Membership Package(s) in addition to individual memberships whose goal is to:
  • Allow for greater distribution of events within organizations to encourage wider participation;
  • There will be four (4) levels of membership: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze;
  • Each membership will be noted during the annual dinner to provide greater awareness to the marine community of sponsor(s) involvement within the marine industry.

Membership provide(s) the following benefits to the corporate member through:

  • Increased memberships available to the organization whose purpose is to promote the marine industry;
  • Includes cost of attending the major events of the year hosted by the Marine Club;
  • Advertising visibility through the Marine Club revamped web site, at events and given featured recognition at the annual dinner;

Attached is a summary of the sponsorships along with a breakdown of the benefits.

We would ask you to consider and advise if the corporate membership is of interest to your organization and if you have any questions you can contact.


Membership Benefits

Silver Membership

  • Marine Club Membership 10 employees
  • Silver Level Sponsorship Advertising on Web Site
  • Silver Level Recognition at Marine Club Annual Dinner
  • Silver Level Recognition in any Published Materials (newsletter/e-communications)
  • Marine Club Annual Dinner ( 8 seats )

Bronze Membership

  • Marine Club Membership 4 employees
  • Bronze Level Sponsorship Advertising on Web Site
  • Bronze Level Recognition at Marine Club Annual Dinner
  • Bronze Level Recognition in any Published Materials (newsletter/e-communications)
  • Marine Club Annual Dinner ( 4 seats )

Marine Club Membership Summary

Membership Enrollment - unlimitedX
Membership Enrollment - unlimitedX
Membership Enrollment - 25X
Membership Enrollment - 15X
Spring Golf2 foursomes1 foursome
Fall Golf2 foursomes1 foursome
Annual Dinner2 tables1 table8 tickets4 tickets
Web Site Platinum Member BannerX
Web Site Logo Membership Level AcknowledgementXXXX
Annual Dinner Logo Membership Level AcknowledgementXXXX
Golf Platinum Member AcknowledgementX
Golf Hole Signage1
Spring Lunch Platinum Member AcknowledgementX
Recognition on all Published MaterialsXXXX

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