5 W’s of the Marine Club


The Marine Club encompasses a range of marine industry stakeholders, shippers, ports, terminal operators and service providers who promote and celebrate trade and commerce throughout the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway systems.


The Marine Club is an enriched society of members who promote the cooperation and fellowship amongst its members and raise funds through social events to further enhance scholarships and good works programs within the marine industry.


The Marine Club provides its social events and good works programs throughout the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River System . The Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway is among the most significant waterways in the world, efficient transportation of a range of cargo feeds industry in one of the most heavily populated regions in North America.


The Marine Club has provided a long standing history with tradition and fellowship in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway system. Established in 1939 it has been the compass of direction in aiding in the development of the marine industry.


The purpose of the Marine Club has been a means to establish a promotion of the marine industry and create good work programs and scholarship programs. Through its promotion and support of cadets it had aided in the foundation of the future leaders in the maritime trade.

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