Board of Directors

Co-PresidentOliver Hiltebrand
Co-PresidentTodd M. Jeffery
1st Vice PresidentFrank Montecalvo
2nd Vice PresidentJody Carmichael
1st Past PresidentGabrielle Ross
2nd Past PresidentPaul O’Reilly
Secretary –TreasurerKen Souter
2nd Year (3rd Term)Michael Duchesne
2nd Year ( 2nd Term)Janet Knight
Brent Chorney
Amy Eberlee
1st Year (2nd Term)Ryan Galvin
3rd Year ( 1st Term)Gina Delle Rose-Ash
Jayson Stansfield
2nd Year (1st Term)Allwyn Phillips
Benoit Nolet
1st Year ( 1st Term)Jennifer Beadle
Mike Armstrong
Karlee Baglieri
Ted Kirkpatrick
Gerald Ray
Cathy Keskinen
ChaplainRev Judith Alltree
ArchivistWalter Stewart

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