President’s Message 2019/2020

Oliver Hiltebrand, President


Welcome to the 81th year of The Marine Club for which I am honoured to be able to serve as your president during 2019/2020. Thanks to our members, corporate sponsors and our hard-working volunteer Board / Executive for the opportunity to serve you in this role.

The objectives of The Marine Club include:

  • The promotion of the marine industry on the Great Lakes
  • Facilitating cooperation and fellowship amongst its members
  • The holding of informal social events for its members and friends and to further the  knowledge of the industry amongst its members and the public at large.
  • Raising funds through memberships and events to fund our Donations & Good  Works Program.

As the marine industry and economy evolves so does The Marine Club as we reach out to our membership for feedback on how we can better serve the needs of the marine community and introduce the next generation of mariners to the great traditions we have. This is the fourth year of our corporate membership program and we extend our great appreciation to all of the companies who support the Club. Throughout the year The Marine Club organizes and hosts a number of different events, from golf tournaments, axe throwing, a football game, and eventually culminating in our annual highlight – The Marine Club annual dinner at the Royal York Hotel in the third week of January.

The funds raised by the Club go towards our Good Works Program which are used to promote and assist the marine industry. In the past year, over $55,000 was distributed to various organizations:

  • Bursaries to Navigation and Engineering Cadets at Georgian College
  • Financial support to the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets
  • Financial support to the Mission to Seafarers – The Mission to Seafarers provides help and support to the 1.5 million crewmen and women helping to promote the spiritual, moral and physical well-being of Seafarers and their families world-wide.
  • Financial support to the Toronto Brigantine who assist under privileged children with opportunities to sail.

The Board of Directors and the Executive all work hard throughout the year to bring these events together and support our mission.

On behalf of the Board, I thank you for your continued membership and support of The Marine Club. If you are not already member of The Marine Club, then I hope you will take an opportunity to learn more about our organization and join us.

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