The Marine Club is a Society of those engaged in, and concerned with, The Carrying Trades on our Inland Seas – The Great Lakes System – in Ontario.

Any individual who is engaged in the Marine business or in an allied industry or activity is eligible for membership in The Marine Club.

I hereby apply for membership in The Marine Club and agree that in the event of my application being accepted, I will abide by the Constitution and By-Laws and all Rules and Regulations of the Club.

NOTE: “Feeling that interest and harmony are best promoted amongst those of common interest, the Board of Directors have instructed the Secretary to draw to the attention of the membership the fact that The Marine Club is a Society of those engaged in and concerned with the Carrying Trades on the Great Lakes System in Ontario, in an executive, management, senior supervisory capacity, or with appropriate professional or technical qualifications.” Members are requested to bear this in mind when sponsoring applications.

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